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Abstract Bird's Nest

Paint Splatter Experiences

Let loose with the crazy fun of paint splatter!

Throw paint at a canvas, and even at your friends, to create your own unique masterpiece. This is fun for anyone age 4 and up! 

We allow up to 6 participants in the Paint Room at one time. Groups with more than 6 participants can switch in and out and interact through the large, see-through entry door so everyone is still involved in the fun! 

How It Works

All participants are provided with a hooded poncho, face shield, and shoe covers. While we use washable paint, it is recommended to wear clothes that you are comfortable getting paint on. When you arrive, you will suit up, choose any add-ons such as extra canvases or paints, and then enter the Splatter Room and let loose!

All sessions include 10+ different paint colors and a variety of brushes, sponges, and mixing cups to help you create your artwork.


Participants must be age 4 and up. Any children age 4-11 must be accompanied by  a participating parent/guardian in the room. Any children age 12-17 must have a parent/guardian present during the session but the parent does not have to participate.

Splatter Sessions


Canvas Upgrades

Additional canvased are available to purchase upon arrival, subject to availability.

Sizes include 3"x3" on mini easel, 4"x4",  8"x10", 10"x20",  11"x14",  12"x16",  16"x20",  8"x8" round, 12"x12" round, 18"x20" black, and MASSIVE 36"x48"

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