We can't wait to Rage with you! We are a locally owned and operated business founded by young entrepreneurs. Rage Rooms have been experiencing massive success in larger cities all across the country for years, and we decided it was time to bring this exciting experience for Fort Wayne!
Both owners have a passion for community health and understand the importance of taking a break from your daily routine to de-stress while having fun. It is our goal that All the Rage will help members of the Fort Wayne community to cut loose, have fun, and take better care of themselves.




Brianna has been passionate about opening a rage room in the Fort Wayne area since 2017, and is excited to make this dream a reality! She hopes that this business will help the community to talk more openly about the effects that stress and pent-up frustration has on all of us. It is only once we realize the toll that stress takes on our daily lives that we can work to mitigate those effects and live a healthier lifestyle. Brianna also knows firsthand the importance of finding enjoyable and do-able ways to practice self-care, which is what drove her to bring this unique and fun experience to Fort Wayne. This young entrepreneur is a college graduate with experience in business management, marketing, and advertising as well as ample experience in customer service. One of her goals is to eventually open an animal rescue for senior dogs and cats in the Fort Wayne area.




Abby has always wanted to start her own business, and All the Rage is her first. She is passionate about the local community, and has many experiences working with community mental health services as well as experience in executive management.

One of Abby's goals is to open a women's home to help victims of human trafficking reintegrate into the community.

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